The vision of Tokonya Pelangi is going to be the solution for knitters and crocheters in supply the high quality knitting yarns and tools with the reasonable price. Tokonya pelangi provides:

  1. Imported yarns such as ICE YARN from Turkey, NAKO Yarns from Turkey and other imported best quality of yarns.
  2. Lace Blocking Wire Set, supported tools in blocking process.
  3. Knitting needles and crochet hooks
  4. Buku Diary "My Baby Days". This is the only thing in our product that not have any relation with knitting/crochetting. This book is a must have book for parents who just have a their new baby to make this book as the baby diary until 5 years old.

Please take a look inside Tokonya Pelangi, and have a nice shopping here. Thank you.

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